Workshop Particulars Participants Duration
The Business of Thinking

Makes the participants aware about their thinking preferences and their application for better decision-making. The workshop is conducted by HBDITM certified trainer using Whole Brain ThinkingTM methods to leverage the participants thinking styles. Participants get to understand the practical applications of HBDI in their daily work areas like Communication, Interpersonal Relationships, Team Building etc.

All employees 1 day
Driving Change Managing change itself is a challenge. The workshop not only helps in overcoming these challenges but harnessing it for business success using the "Transitions" model that provides insights into techniques for managing change. The participants learn to identify the changes taking place at the workplace, visualise the potential challenges and create a Change Implementation Plan. Managers/ Supervisors 1 day
Communicating & Influencing A comprehensive workshop on understanding business communication, its principles and processes, its elements with an emphasis on feedback, and the barriers that prevent or create hurdles in effective interchange of information within the organisation. Effective Questioning, Listening, Assertiveness are some of the aspects addressed in detail. All employees 2 days
Negotiation Skills Effective negotiation is key to keeping the organisation's sales chart on an upward incline and the costs on the decline. The workshop handholds in removing the cobwebs and transforming the participant into a SUCCESSFUL NEGOTIATOR by changing perceptions and imbibing the necessary attributes and characteristics. Relevant case studies and other classroom methods impart the concept of "Win-Win" negotiations; the stages of a negotiation meeting; preparing for negotiation and other key aspects. Sales, Commercial, Marketing functions 2 days
Leading for Results Helps the participants differentiate between "Managerial" and "Operational" components of their role and the associated skills. The concept of Situational Leadership with self analysis and activities helps the participants understand their style and its application for various team members. Managers / Supervisors 1-2 days
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) A comprehensive workshop that covers the entire scope of CRM that can be adapted as per relevance to the client organization. Modules include Building Relationship and Trust; Gathering Strategic Information and Purpose; Sales Engagement Model; Customer Decision Process; Skills Required at Each Stage and Auditing and Tracking Progress. Sales / Service function 2-3 days
Teaming to Win Outdoor learning at its best that uses nature as a medium to generate data for conceptual discussion. The participants undertake activities under the expert and safe guidance of experienced and certified professionals to learn practical lessons concerning trust, leadership, risk taking, communication, resource and crisis management, and having a positive attitude. All employees 2-3 days
Goal Setting & Time Management Even the smartest employees can become wayward if they do not set goals for themselves and thereby the organization loses some of its effectiveness. The SMARTA concept, which is shared with the participants not only empowers them to set personal goals but trains them to align these with organisational goals. Effective time management is ingrained into the participants by making them aware of the challenges faced in prioritising activities and managing time and showing them the way out by applying the "Urgent/Important" grid for common activities and creating time logs and action plans. All employees 1 day
Performance Coaching Most employees are not able to see the link between their KRA's and the coaching that their managers provide. This module helps them understand the link between Objectives and Coaching. It also builds on Common Challenges and the Steps of Effective Coaching. Finally the participants get some tips & techniques for "Instant Coaching". Managers / Supervisors 1 day
Impactful Presentations Success in today's environment largely depends on the quality of Presentation that an employee is able to make with external and internal customers. This 2 day intensive workshop will make the participants understand the "What" and "How" of making an impactful presentation. Using video recorded reviews participants create and deliver a presentation to see the difference. All employees 2 days
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) The workshop, conducted by certified professionals, is aimed at increasing self-awareness of the 4 dichotomies of MBTI® and their applications. Covers the concepts behind the dichotomies, arriving at the individual profile of participants and its application to communication and team building at work place. Managers 1 day